Combined Fiber of Polyester and Bamboo for Prosthetic Socks for Better Absorbent and Antimicrobial Activity

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V Ganesh
Arun D
Mayur Das
Chadalavada Indra
Koyyala Anzzalee


Prosthetic socks, a crucial element in the comfort and well-being of individuals with prosthetic limbs, are the subject of
our innovative study. We present a novel approach by combining bamboo and polyester fibers to manufacture these socks.
Bamboo, renowned for its eco-friendliness and natural properties, provides antibacterial, anti-allergic, and anti-irritant benefits
while requiring minimal water for cultivation. Polyester, a synthetic polymer, boasts hydrophobic characteristics, ensuring
quick drying and remarkable durability. By merging these materials, we create prosthetic socks that offer a unique blend of
advantages. The socks combat skin infections caused by excessive sweating due to bamboo’s antimicrobial properties, while
polyester contributes to moisture-wicking and rapid drying.
Furthermore, the socks promise enhanced comfort, softness, and durability, catering to the active lifestyle demands of
prosthetic users. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of prosthetic socks in preventing the growth of bacteria and
fungi that can cause odor and infection while also enhancing quick drying and high absorbency properties. The research will
evaluate the performance of different prosthetic socks through laboratory testing and user feedback surveys. The findings
will provide valuable insights into improving prosthetic socks’ design and functionality, ultimately enhancing amputees’
quality of life. Additionally, it seeks to evaluate the performance enhancements related to quick drying and high absorbency
properties. Additionally, the research explores the socks’ quick-drying and high-absorbency properties, which are crucial
factors in maintaining hygiene and comfort for prosthetic wearers. Overall, this investigation presents a promising solution
that addresses practical concerns associated with prosthetic socks and aligns with sustainability goals by integrating natural
and synthetic materials.
For this, there is a possible way to combine polyester and bamboo fibers to enhance prosthetic socks’ absorbent and antimicrobial
properties, improving overall comfort and hygiene for the wearer.


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Ganesh, V. ., D, A. ., Das, M. ., Indra, C. ., & Anzzalee, K. . (2024). Combined Fiber of Polyester and Bamboo for Prosthetic Socks for Better Absorbent and Antimicrobial Activity. International Journal of Health Technology and Innovation, 3(01), 34–39.
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