Weighing the Weight of Bedridden Patient by using Strain Gauge (Weighing Scale) - Prototype

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Chadalavada Indra
Arun D
Mayur Das


In today’s healthcare landscape, weighing beds plays a pivotal role in patient care and management. These specialized beds provide critical data on a patient’s weight, which is integral for monitoring health, tailoring treatment plans, and ensuring accurate medication dosages in bed rest patients, etc. They are particularly crucial in critical care settings, where precise weight measurements are essential for fluid balance and medication adjustments. Weighing beds also has a significant impact on preventive healthcare, enabling timely interventions and lifestyle recommendations based on weight-related health risks. In post-operative care, they assist in assessing factors like fluid retention, and guiding post-surgical interventions. Furthermore, in pediatric healthcare, weighing beds are indispensable for monitoring growth and development. Integration with electronic health records streamlines data management, enhancing efficiency for healthcare providers. Overall, weighing beds are indispensable tool in modern healthcare, contributing to comprehensive patient care and well-being. As the medication requirement of the bedridden patient depends on weight, overdose or underdose of the drug is expected to complicate the problems further. Till now, in the market, there were available detecting devices, but the main problem with them is those devices lift the patient totally or lift the bed totally; For this workforce is more required and also time-consuming and cost-effective. For bedridden patients, it is difficult to measure body weight due to lifting and equipment, as well as the need for a workforce. Some beds have inbuilt measuring sensors, but they are cost-effective for bed purchase. For this, there is a possible way to measure the patient’s weight by using a strain gauge sensor


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Indra, C. ., D, A. ., & Das, M. . (2023). Weighing the Weight of Bedridden Patient by using Strain Gauge (Weighing Scale) - Prototype. International Journal of Health Technology and Innovation, 2(03), 3–8. https://doi.org/10.60142/ijhti.v2i03.01
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