The Journal's mission is to promote and propagate excellence in health technologies for a wide range of health policymakers and professionals and stakeholders concerned with the sustainable economic, social, ethical, medical, and public health implications of health technology. It covers the development, evaluation, innovation, improvisation, regulation, and use of health technology, as well as its impact on the organization, management, and troubleshooting response of health care systems and public health.

The Journal accepts manuscripts across a range of disciplines such as to support health policy or practice decisions: Health Technology Assessments (HTAs), discussion of methods used in HTA, or related policy. Health technologies encompass medicines, devices, diagnostic tools, or interventional procedures including mobile health technologies and telemedicine, etc. The journal publishes secondary research, for example, systematic literature reviews, modeling studies, or economic evaluations, while under primary research (such as diagnostic or treatment studies), research reports, regular columns on technology assessment reports, thematic sections are published.