Review of 3D Printing and Other Methodologies Used for Fabrication of Aesthetic Efficient, Passive, Biocompatible, Stable Dental Splints

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Abrar Sayed
P.D. Joshi
Wendy Lobo
Kirti Thakur
Yugeshwari Rathod
David C Baker


Over the past decade, 3D printing has revolutionized dentistry, enabling a shift towards personalized, digitally driven treatment
plans. This versatile technology allows for the on-demand creation of customized splints, including temporary prosthetics,
implant guides, and aligners. Its efficiency, reproducibility, and affordability offer significant advantages over traditional methods,
providing faster, more accurate results for patients. With the option of chairside printing or rapid outsourcing through dental
labs, 3D printing empowers clinicians to deliver efficient, biocompatible, and stable splints with greater ease. The findings
of this review will contribute to an understanding of the adoption of 3D printing technology in day-to-day dental practice.


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Sayed, A. ., Joshi, P. ., Lobo, W. ., Thakur, K. ., Rathod, Y. ., & Baker, D. C. . (2024). Review of 3D Printing and Other Methodologies Used for Fabrication of Aesthetic Efficient, Passive, Biocompatible, Stable Dental Splints. International Journal of Health Technology and Innovation, 3(01), 11–14.
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