A Comparative Accuracy Study of Touch-based Non-invasive Blood Pressure Feature of Device- H360

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Rahul Rastogi
Neha Rastogi
Ashish Saini
Ojasavi Nirav
Charul Gaur
Itra Singh


Background: To take blood pressure (BP) measurements repeatedly is beneficial for managing the control of hypotension and hypertension. Now present readings depend on cuff-based technology. This study compared blood pressure readings taken with new device without cuff photo plethysmography – PPG with a typical mercury-based sphygmomanometer apparatus.
Purpose:A comparative accuracy study of the touch-based non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) feature of device H360 compared with a mercury-based sphygmomanometer.
Material and method: The study was conducted among 95 participants (Above 18 years) at Apex Heart Institute, Ahmedabad from 08th December 2022 to 07th January 2023. We concluded the study on three major factors like age, gender, and health status of participants with hypertensive (n=12), hypotensive (n=18) and normotensive (n=65). Hypotensive and normotensive).Results: According to our observations, the results of the study revealed substantial variations between the three groups in terms of the standard deviation (STD), mean value of systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP), as measured by both the H360 and the mercury sphygmomanometer work on the principle that measures blood pressure by constricting the brachial artery with an inflatable cuff. The cuff is inflated until blood flow stops, then slowly deflated until a tapping sound is heard, indicating blood flow resumption. The pressure at which the sound is heard is the systolic blood pressure, while the pressure at which it disappears is the diastolic blood pressure. The mean values of SBP and DBP were highest in the hypertensive group, followed by the normotensive group, and lowest in the hypotensive group.
Conclusion: The study concluded that the device H360 device and mercury sphygmomanometer were effective in measuring blood pressure in hypertensive, hypotensive, and normotensive individuals. However, the H360 showed better accuracy and consistency in measuring blood pressure with a mercury sphygmomanometer.


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Rastogi, R. ., Rastogi, N. ., Saini, A. ., Nirav, O. ., Gaur, C. ., & Singh, I. . (2023). A Comparative Accuracy Study of Touch-based Non-invasive Blood Pressure Feature of Device- H360. International Journal of Health Technology and Innovation, 2(02), 2–6. https://doi.org/10.60142/ijhti.v2i02.01
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